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 How many tables do you typically play?

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How many tables do you typically play? _
PostSubject: How many tables do you typically play?   How many tables do you typically play? EmptyThu Mar 10, 2011 5:42 am

In roulette, I'll use the method of casino roulette
-Bender. Virtually every book about gambling is described by an incredible event occurred with Sean Connery. He's in the casino do not remember what "three times in a row put the number 17 and three times won. Some Russian authors ascribe this case Archil Gomiashvili (the role of Ostap Bender). "Bender" is also put on the number 17 three times, but that win had turned into several times, and it is clear where they reached us, VIP-casino
. I too will wait for falling number 17 three times, the only bet I will do exactly the opposite. I took 20 chips and scattered them on the table in a random order. But in this chaos is hidden a certain secret. Any number of falls a win, more or less than the overall rate.
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At any except number 17. If you roll 17 then I lose everything. I will play for a long time. Or rather 999 times. In this case each of the roulette numbers should fall by about 27 times (999/37 = 27). No increase or decrease in rates. We'll see who will be the leader in this race. Place your bets! The main prize - the loss of the number 17 three times in a row. This idea definitely did not promise me no gain. To be precise, I had to lose something like $ 5.40 at the price of 1 cent per chip (for every 37 shots I have to lose an average of 20 chips, 27 multiplied by 20, we get 540). Not the biggest price for the truth.

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How many tables do you typically play?

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